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ABA’s 3-step Response to Bullying framework

ABA’s 3-step response to bullying aims to help you develop a consistent, reflective and more effective approach to responding to bullying incidence in schools and other settings.

Evidence shows that the negative consequences of experiencing bullying can last well into adulthood. Those who are bullied are more likely to earn less money in their lives, access mental health services as adult, not be in a stable relationship and achieve fewer academic qualifications. These outcomes get significantly worse for those people that have been severelybullied. Timely and well planned responses to bullying can have a positive affect on lessening the negative impact of bullying on those who experience it.

This tool provides guidance for schools and other settings about how to develop their response to bullying incidence. It is based around ABA’s 3-step response to bullying framework. We believe that by recording your responses using this tool, it will help evidence your response, improve the quality of responses, identify trends and enable the school to reflect and ultimately stop bullying sooner.

Whilst we know that every setting is different, we strongly encourage you to incorporate this into your existing practice to ensure that every incident of bullying is dealt with as effectively and consistently as possible.

ABA has an online CPD course about responding to bullying which is free to access

16 Jun 2020