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Working with parents and carers of children who are displaying bullying behaviour

When parents and carers find out that their child is bullying others, it can release a range of feelings including guilt, denial, worry and anger. Sometimes these emotions can cause issues with engaging with schools and parents can feel defensive.

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Here are four key tips that we hope will help you engage with parents and carers whose children might be displaying bullying behaviour:

  1. Remember to not call any child a ‘bully’. This is unhelpful and can make parents feel defensive. Instead acknowledge that they are displaying some unkind and bullying behaviour and you want to work with them to try to come up with a solution.
  2. Be clear that this is what you think has happened rather than 100% facts. You may not be aware of everything that has taken place so ensure you show parents that you are open-minded and not jumping to conclusions.
  3. Acknowledge that this is not easy to hear and that you are resolved to come up with solutions to make things better for everyone.
  4. Be clear about your school policies, expectations about how children should be treating others and what needs to change.

In the guide at the bottom of this page, we've got some tips for parents and carers whose children might be bullying that you can cut out and give to parents/carers. 

25 Feb 2021