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Choosing anti-bullying tools

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There are a wealth of external tools and information related to anti-bullying policy and practice. At the bottom of this page is a document of key ABA resources with the relevant links which we update every few months. 

The lists of external resources on our sites are not comprehensive and while many of the resources are produced by organisations and individuals that are known to the ABA, inclusion does not necessarily imply endorsement or recommendation by the ABA. 

Choosing a resource

Bullying is a sensitive and complex area.  There are a lots of ways of approaching the subject - and not everyone will agree on the best method.  It may also be that a resource works well in one setting, with one group of children and young people, but works less well in another.  For this reason we would urge you to take the following steps when choosing an anti-bullying resource from this website, or from other sources:

  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with the resource (e.g. if it's a film - watch it all the way through).
  • Consider whether the resource may provoke strong reactions in any students, or may lead to difficult discussions. How will you manage these?
  • Consider whether you need to consult with parents and carers on using the resource.
  • Consider whether the resource is suitable for the age group you are working with.
  • Consider whether you need to adapt the resource in any way to make it suitable for the group or individuals that you are working with.

The ABA is not able to vet every resource on this website, therefore if you have any particular concerns about a resource please do share these with us - email

If you would like to suggest a resource for this website please email

Please see the documents below suggesting books from Scholastic Books and Jessica Kingsley Publishers that are relevant to bullying including a list of key ABA documents. 

28 May 2017