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Racist and Faith Targeted Bullying Group

The Racist and Faith Targeted Bullying Group (RFTB) was set up in 2016 to bring together organisations and individuals with expertise and a shared commitment to tackling race and faith targeted bullying. The group's activities were initially funded for two years by the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation and has since been self-funded. 

Young person writing

 The purpose of the RFTB Group is as follows:

  • To discuss topics related to racist and faith targeted bullying involving children and young people;
  • To share information and resources that support action to tackle racist and faith targeted bullying; and 
  • To consider collective action of Advisory Group members to raise awareness of race and faith targeted bullying. 

One of the key resources which the RFTB Group have contributed to is a short guide for schools on Tackling race and faith targeted bullying face to face and online which was published in collaboration with the UK Centre for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). We are currently working on a new strategy for 2020/2021. 

Members of the Racist and Faith Targeted Bullying Group include representatives from the following organisations: 

  • YouthWorks Consulting 
  • The Traveller Movement
  • Inside Inclusion
  • Knights Consulting
  • Interfaith Network
  • Equality & Human Rights Commission
  • Diana Award
  • Runnymede Trust
  • Priority154
  • Off the Record (OTR)
  • Kidscape
  • Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation
  • Race On The Agenda (ROTA)
  • Aik Saath
  • Insted Consultancy
  • Show Racism the Red Card
  • Friends Families and Travellers
  • RE Matters
  • Rider University 
  • National Education Union (NEU)
  • Unicef UK
  • Roma Support Group
  • Equaliteach
  • The Anne Frank Trust UK

If you are interested in joining the group, please email: