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Will Gardner (Childnet/UK Safer Internet Centre)

Will is CEO of Childnet and a Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre, and is responsible for organising Safer Internet Day in the UK, (which reached 45% of 8-17s and 30% of parents in 2018).

Will is also a member of the Executive Board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. He is also a member of Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board and Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council. He developed the DCSF Safe to Learn guidance on preventing and responding to cyberbullying, and recently updated this Guidance, with funding from the EU and the GEO. Will has been a member of the ABA Advisory Board for 6 years. As well as developing award-winning free educational resources, Childnet is focused on empowering and enabling youth voice in this area, and a new Digital Leaders programme is mobilising young people and giving them agency on their communities.

I passionately support the ABA vision of working with others to unite against bullying in any form ‘and create safe environments where children can live, grow, play and learn’. 

Will Gardner