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Our Advisory Group

The ABA Advisory Group is integral to our work. It is elected from core members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance every 3 years. The next election is due in Spring 2021.

The ABA Advisory Group consists of representatives from:

Our chair is Claude Knights an Independent Anti-Bullying and Child Protection Advocate 

The role of Advisory Group members is to:

  • Steer ABA’s strategic development and agree policy
  • Identify priorities for the programme of work
  • Consider suggestions and feedback from ABA members
  • Agree public statements within the remit of ABA policy and make recommendations to members on key issues
  • Consider applications for core membership
  • Develop agendas for ABA member meetings
  • Advise on and support funding proposals
  • Act as ambassadors for the Alliance

You can find out more about the Advisory Group members below.